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Your own Cathedral Rosette

Sometimes you need only to put imagination to work in orden to obtain interesting creations. Cathedral rosettes are beautiful examples to see how geometry  can be used to get something more than buildings and objets. So in the Middle Age, artists created remarkable windows  in cathedrals to let light pass through colored cristals which formed amazing decorative designs. In this activity, students of Visual Arts had to design a rosette for a cathedral or any use they came up with. First, The drawed  a polygonal shape and then transformed it into a different and creative composition, either naturalistic or abstract. Finally, They drawed a variety of textures and painted full of color so that the result was very impressive. Click on the link below to see the results.





Line drawing: 3D visual effects

This post is related to line, one of the most important design elements.  We usually use lines to trace drawings, represent reality  or  put into a paper the most crazy idea that we come up with. In this activity puppils have used line to create a 3D visual effect. These drawings get enhanced when we applied some shading across the border. To see the result watch the following presentation.

Visual effects with line



As we do every year, we started studing the most elemental graphic design element, the dot. When we stroke onto a surface with a pencil or brushpencil we get a rounded but irregular mark on that surface. Stippling consist of drawing little dots which placed closed to each other allow us to obtain shading and textures in drawings. This technique is called Pointillism when we use colored dots. Artists like Seurat and Signac used this technique in their masterpieces at the end of nineteenth century.

georgesseurat-8  “Profile model” by Seurat, 1886-1887.

But when we stipple a piece of paper, using ink for example, we gather or separate dots in orden to shade and apply textures to our drawings. To see how amazing results we can get using this tiny graphic element watch the video tutorial  below. Enjoy yourself.

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1st ESO – Visual and audiovisual arts

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