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Learn Useful Expressions in English

Check out this extensive list of commonly used and useful English expressions available to beginners up to advanced users.

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Now, it’s your turn!

Watch part of this popular TV contest, KNOW or GO, and try to answer the questions.


Remember, remember the 5th of November!
Now, play the Gunpowder Plot game


Enjoy these Halloween activities!!


One more song; this one is really appropriate for Monday morning!! Listen to the song and do the quiz. I hope you like it!!

Click on BRUNO MARS “The Lazy Song”

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Padlet is a digital wall that will allow students to give and share their opinions with their teachers and classmates.

Now, I would really appreciate if you could give your opinion about your five days stay at Moragete. Therefore, click on the pic and drop a line in my wall. Please, remember to write your name above your comment.


Hey guys!! How is summer vacation going? Let´s have a short break and go back to work for a while.

Please, have a look at this video about daily routines. Let´s review the present simple to talk about habitual actions and routines. Watch the video and do the quiz. See you soon!! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Bye for now.


As I told you before finishing school, I will upload some video-based activities regularly so that you can brush up your English. Please watch the following video and answer the questions. Then, check how you did.

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

This is a video in which you can compare how the Present Simple and the Present Continuous are used in a communicative situation.


Have a look at this clip from the British talent show auditions “Britain´s got talent”, and fill in the quiz. Once you have finished doing the quiz, check how you did. (autoevaluation)

A Day at Campus Moragete

Campus MORAGETE is an educational center, primarily devoted to the world of the so-called extracurricular or after school activities. Located in the natural park “Las Hoces del Cabriel”, it  covers an area of ​​350 hectares within which all activities are performed;  teaching languages, science, outdoors activities etc…

The main goals of our center are to teach English, science and do adventure sports , so that over a day a student has enjoyed everything.

Campus Moragete use the best of each methodology to teach. From total immersion to CLIL methodology, we pride ourselves on the best of each of the systems used. In addition, the interaction between English, Science and adventure creates ideal conditions for our students to enjoy and learn at all times.

Our success in teaching is based on three pillars: small groups, native teachers and our system of points.