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“Olimpiada Matemática” Problems

Delivery date: Friday, March 25th, 2016

“Olimpiada Matemática” Problems

eTwinning project: Voices of Europe


Our students of 2nd year of Compulsory Secondary Education will be taking part in an eTwinning project during second and third terms.

The project is called VOICES OF EUROPE. In this project pupils from all over Europe (Poland, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Spain) use video, audio and Web 2.0 tools to share on a wide range of topics. Pupils from these partner countries talk about themselves, their schools, their towns, their hobbies, their lives. Each contribution is accompanied by a few questions to get discussion started. Pupils listen to, comment on, and discuss about the contributions of their partners. The idea is to get our pupils speaking and listening (rather than writing!) and to help them to discover more about the life of teenagers all over Europe.

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If you want to have a look at my students´contributions to the project, just let me know and I will invite you as visitors to the project.

Jorge Villaescusa

The very best of Unit 9!!!

Fabulous Food Chain

The Happy Verby Gang

Revise English Verb Tenses Form and Use by using this website.


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The Food Chain Games


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 Try to create food and web chains!!!

Game # 0 Classify the living beings!!!

Game #1 Food chains

Game # 2 Food chains

Game # 3 Food chains

Game # 4 Food chains

Game # 5 Creating Food Webs

Game # 6 Fight for your survival